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Corporate Headquarters. A new office floor and rooftop penthouse built on top of an existing high rise in Manhattan + renovation of two existing floors. Total project area of roughly 25,000 sqft.

Design of new MEP/FP systems to serve the new floor office addition (roughly 7,000 SQFT), renovation of the existing 8th & 12th floor (roughly 7,000 SQFT each) and a new penthouse rooftop level (roughly 3,600 SQFT of indoor and outdoor space).

New VRF units with energy recovery ventilation systems were selected for the 8th, 12th, 14th and penthouse spaces. The energy recovery ventilation systems were sized to be able to boost to 1 air change per hour as a COVID19 risk mitigation measure. Other COVID19 risk mitigation measures include UV lamps and ionization units in each VRF indoor fan coil.

A new electrical service is coordinated with ConEdison for the new floors. The existing roof water tank piping (Domestic water / standpipe and sprinkler) will be reconfigured to accommodate the new floor being built on top of the existing building. All of the building’s existing MEP infrastructure was coordinated and/or modified to accommodate the new floor.

Construction starts in 2020

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